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Latest neon flex technology which is stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes.

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Each LED neon sign or artwork is designed in-house by our professional designers.


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Who Are Chicago Neons?

We're a Neon sign shop that offers high-quality neon signs with flawless finish. Available in different fonts and colors. Know more About Us by clicking here.

Can I Order a Custom Neon Sign Tailored for Me

Got a specific logo or quote in your mind? Look no further, our neon light store can make it happen. Let Us know your idea and we'll create a seamless finish of your neon sign. Or you can design your own neon sign by using our tool. For further queries please Contact Us.

Is a neon sign expensive?

The price of your neon sign depends on various factors, including its size, style, and how elaborate the design is. At our neon sign shop in the USA, we maintain competitive prices and unbeatable quality. While neon signs can be expensive, they are also incredibly high-quality and will take precedence in any space. Light up your room with a custom-made neon sign that represents your brand, office, or personality.

How Can I Track My Order?

From menu select Track Your Order or click here. Insert your tracking number sent to you after confirmation of your order and get the latest update of your package.

How much do neon lights cost to run?

At Chicago Neons, we utilize LED neon as our light source. We prefer LED neon compared to regular neon lights, as they are brighter and more energy-efficient. LED signs use 75% less energy than traditional neon lights – meaning they don't cost as much to run compared to traditional neon lights. For high-quality neon lights for a lower price, contact our neon sign shop.

Can I Order a Big Sign?

Sure you CAN! Our signs are limited to a maximum backboard size of 94 inches by 47 inches. Should your design exceed these dimensions, the sign will be divided into multiple boards. To seamlessly connect these boards upon arrival, we provide acrylic joiners. While these joiners are discreet and barely noticeable when the sign is in use, they are essential for both practical handling and efficient air freight logistics. .